Sunday, December 18, 2011

How To Hack Facebook In 51 Seconds

So Byron Ng isn't a real Facebook hacker. But apparently it isn't hard to become one, if you've got any technical skills at all. Hacking Facebook is a cottage industry, with hundreds or thousands of unpaid workers beavering away. The video below shows how to monkey with your friends "Moods" app -- in less than 1 minute.

Right now the worst case-scenario for Facebook apps usually means someone's private photos get exposed -- and even the most gullible Facebook user there's no such thing as true privacy on the Web. (Right?) But as Facebook gets more ambitious -- see its upcoming PayPal-like currency -- that's going to change.

Is Facebook easier to hack than other sites of similar size? How about compared to other social networks? And if so, what should Zuckerberg & Co. do about it? Let us know in comments.


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